Sweet Pea Vessel Tutorial
Supply List:
Moretti Glass Rods:
Pea Green Opaque Rod
Dark Grass Green Opaque Rod
& Thick Stringer
Striped Cane
(Pea Green, Black Stripe,
encased with Dark
Transparent Green
1. Make a barrel bead towards the end of your mandrel with Pea Green.
2. Heat the center of the bead. With a sharp tool (I use a Stump Shaper, but you can use a razor. Gently indent the center of the bead.
3. Heat the center of one half of the divided bead and indent again.
4. Do it one more time, to establish your row of peas.
5. Using your thick stringer, make a wrap around the end right next to the row of peas.
6. Heat one side of the bead, flatten and then reestablish your indentions with your shart tool. This will prevent too many bubbles under the pod.
7. With the dark grass green rod, heat and stripe and glass down the flattened side of the vessel.
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