6. Continue until all gaps are filled.
7. You can check for holes by applying heat to small sections of the hollow. The holes will appear as very dark spots. NOTE: The hollow will start to collapse if there are holes anywhere.
8. Once you are certain there are no holes in your hollow, begin heating the entire bead, beginning from one side, move to other side, then move to center. Be careful not to overheat.
9. As you melt, don't get discouraged, bead will look lumpy and distorted. Be patient, don't overheat, just keep turning the mandrel and it will soon become beautifully round.
10. Cool enough to decorate as desired. Don't forget to flash as needed to keep hollow bead from cracking, while decorating.
Thank You Pam Dugger
"Queen of Hollow Beads" for your great instruction & inspiration!
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